According to the ILRI Research Compliance Policy, any research or instructional use of animals requires review and approval by the animal care and use committee. The protocol must be fully approved before an animal user may acquire a house for use animals and a facility for the research.

The protocol form requires a non-technical description of the research, a justification for the use of animals, a description of all procedures to be performed on animals and precautions to be taken to guarantee humane care and treatment. Thorough preparation of protocols facilitates the review process and reduces the chance of delay in initiating projects and in review of applications.

To allow sufficient time for protocol review and verification of approval, applicants should submit protocols to the IACUC no later than six weeks before the project starts. This lead time is required because IACUC meets only once per month to review protocols and protocols frequently require revision before they can be approved.

After an initial screening by EOHS, protocols undergo preliminary review by ILRI’S Biostatitian and the Vetrinarian. This first review ensures that the proposal is complete and that housing, source of animals, drugs and their doses, and animal use procedures conform with applicable standards and comply with requirements of the applicable regulations and ILRI guidelines and policies. Following this preliminary review, IACUC will contact the applicant by letter or phone if clarifications or revisions are necessary. The protocol is then distributed to all IACUC members for review. The Committee may approve, give provisional approval subject to minor changes or defer a vote until more information is provided, or disapprove the protocol.

To apply for IACUC approval, please click here.


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