1. Click on Apply and Login or Create your account first
To create your account
•    Go to researchcompliance.ilri.org and click on ‘CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT
•    Enter the required details and click on ‘REGISTER
•    Activate your account by clicking on the link that has been sent to your email.
•    Log in using the details you have used to create your account as your username and password.
If you already have ILRI’s email address:
•    Go to researchcompliance.ilri.org and log in using your ILRI log in credentials.
2.  To start making an application
•    Click on ‘APPLY FOR A NEW PROJECT’.
•    Enter all details as required and answer all questions.
•    Fill in the Research Project Compliance Form and submit electronically.  You can use the option Save to Continue Later while you are still editing the form. Ensure that you do not leave any unanswered questions on the Research Project Compliance Form.
•    At the end, click ‘FINISH’.
3. To download the forms you need:
•    Once you Click on ‘FINISH’ and all forms you need to fill will be listed.
•    Click on each form and download.
•    Log out and fill the forms offline.
•    Please note that IACUC forms should only be uploaded after they have been reviewed by the ILRI Biometrician.

4.   To upload the forms you have filled:
•    Log into the portal using your log in credentials.
•    You can edit the research compliance form by clicking on ‘EDIT’ shown on the extreme right of the page.
•    Click on the title of the project for which you would like to upload the filled forms.
•    Click on ‘CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD’ against the form you would like to upload.
•    To change the uploaded forms, click on ‘CHANGE’ against the form you want to replace.
•    Note that your application is incomplete until all required forms are uploaded.

5. To upload the project documents:
•    Click on ‘UPLOAD YOUR PROJECT DOCUMENTS’ to upload all documents as required for your project.
•    Click on ‘NEXT’ after uploading all the documents required.
•    Click on ‘YES’ on the Assurance and then click on FINISH.
•    If you need to change the project documents, click on ‘UPDATE YOUR PROJECT DOCUMENTS’.

6. To get prior authorizations required:
•    Scroll down the page and select your DDG and PL and click ‘COMPLETE’.
•    Note that you may get comments to consider from your PL and/or DDG before the project is authorized.
•    Click on the tab ‘PROJECT COMMENTS’ to view the comments from DDG and or PL.


Notes to Consider:
The following documents should be ready before making an application:

  1.     research protocol/proposal/concept note.
  2.     research tools/instruments e.g. questionnaires, guides, consent/assent forms.
  3.     CVs of key research personnel.

For Project Renewal or Ammendment
•    Go to researchcompliance.ilri.org and log in using your log in credentials.
•    Click on the form you need to download.
•    Fill the form offline and click on ‘BROWSE’ to upload.
•    Click on ‘SEND REQUEST’.
If you need help, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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