ILRI Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) oversees biosafety aspects of research at ILRI and ensures compliance to regulatory requirements and international standards on biosafety and biosecurity. Thus, the committee reviews, approves and oversees the use of biological materials and other hazardous materials proposed to be used within ILRI research facilities.

When reviewing protocols for initial review or review of ongoing research activities, IBC conducts an assessment of the containment levels required, assesses the facilities, procedures and training and competence of research personnel, and finally ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

IBC SOP Manual provides a review of the relevant regulatory requirements. The SOP Manual should be used in conjunction with any other pertinent ILRI policies and procedures in order to ensure that human health, animal health and the environment are safeguarded.

Please refer to the manual for further information.

Training is required for all research personnel working with rDNA and biohazardous materials, agents and toxins. Completion of the courses is a requirement for the approval of new and continuing research projects. All existing training materials and course content required by IBC is reviewed every two years prior to release.

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