When reviewing protocols for initial review or review of ongoing research activities, IBC conducts an assessment of the containment levels required, assesses the facilities, procedures and training and competence of research personnel, and finally ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

In reviewing proposed research, IBC considers:
•    Agent characteristics (e.g. virulence, pathogenicity, environmental stability).
•    Types of manipulations planned.
•    Source(s) of the inserted DNA sequences (e.g., species).
•    Nature of the inserted DNA sequences (e.g., structural gene,).
•    Host(s) and vector(s) to be used.
•    Whether an attempt will be made to obtain expression of a foreign gene, and if so, the protein that will be produced.
•    Containment conditions to be implemented.
•    Competency of the workers
•    Approvals from relevant government authorities
To allow sufficient time for protocol review and verification of approval, applicants should submit protocols to the IBC no later than six weeks before the project starts. This lead time is required because IBC meets only once per month to review protocols and protocols frequently require revision before they can be approved.

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