ILRI Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) oversees biosafety aspects of research at ILRI and ensures compliance to regulatory requirements and international standards on biosafety and biosecurity. Thus, the committee reviews, approves and oversees the use of biological materials and other hazardous materials proposed to be used within ILRI research facilities.


These materials include recombinant DNA (rDNA), biohazardous agents and toxins, hazardous chemicals, radioisotopes and any materials than could be harmful to staff, research animals and environment.

The conduct of official IBC business occurs at convened meetings that must meet the quorum requirement. A protocol is approved only if a quorum is present, and if more that 70% of the quorum votes in favor of protocol. For reasons other than conflict of interest, abstentions from voting do not alter the quorum or change the number of votes required.

IBC meetings are held once per month on the last Monday of the month. Rescheduling may occur if the quorum is not achieved. Non-scheduled meetings may be called by the IBC Chair to discuss matters that require urgent resolution.

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